Our mission is to “set the example” of what it means to make a difference through real estate. We aim to be the “prototype” of what a real estate team should and can be, as well as what a seamless and positive real estate experience should be. Archetype Realty Group is looking to set the example not just from the client experience point of view (though that is a major focal point) but also from the team member’s point of view. We value fostering an environment that promotes a sense of belonging, meaning, enjoyment and an environment where as a team, we grow over the long term with our client family.


Our vision is to become a one-stop-shop for all our client family’s needs. To grow throughout the years with our clients, assisting them with all of their real estate transactions and investments over the years. All while continuing to make a difference in the community and having an impact by supporting youth mental health initiatives through our charitable efforts.


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Our commitment to our client family is to get you from A to Z stress-free using our proven Confident Move Method.

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